Hi, Most of you have probably been too school before, and right now your probably really missing that feeling and so are we!
Everyday in school/virtual school we learn so many new things, not only do we learn new things like Math, Science, English, History, and etc...but we also meet new people, make so many new friends, and learn social skills! Thats the best part! Have you ever thought about all those children that have never experienced the feeling of being in school, and have never gotten a chance to learn?
So many children are not able to go to school because of health, family issues, social issues, and also cause there is not a school in close proximity of their home. And that is not fair! Well, we are here to help change this global issue. Are names are Astha Munot and Ann Thekkinedath, we are 7th graders that go to Middle School, we feel this is a very serious issue. So we thought instead of just sitting at home quarantined, we could do something to help this global concern. Together we made this website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We are trying raise money and donate to all the children in need for education. Our plan is to help by raising money and donating through doing activities. So, please try your best to help all of those children in need.